Environmentally compromised patients have special needs and concerns regarding the toxins in their life and It takes experience and specialized knowledge to understand them. Here at Natural H2O Systems we have worked directly with dozens of patients helping them better understand water toxins and the role they play in their condition.

A clear understanding of Human Anatomy and how the body processes water are vitally important to us and we continually study how the body maintains hydration and eliminates toxic waste. For instance – The kidneys are essential for homeostasis (maintaining a constant internal environment) of the body’s extracellular fluids. Toxin Free Water is the fuel for all of this.

The kidneys top functions include:

1. Regulation of extracellular fluid volume. The kidneys work to ensure an adequate quantity of plasma to keep blood flowing to vital organs.

2. Regulation of osmolarity. The kidneys help keep extracellular fluid from becoming too dilute or concentrated with respect to the solutes carried in the fluid.

3. Regulation of ion concentrations. The kidneys are responsible for maintaining relatively constant levels of key ions including sodium, potassium and calcium.

4. Regulation of pH. The kidneys prevent blood plasma from becoming too acidic or basic by regulating ion concentration.

5. Excretion of wastes and toxins. The kidneys filter out a variety of water-soluble waste products and environmental toxins into the urine for excretion.

6. Production of hormones. The kidneys produce erythropoietin, which stimulates red blood cell synthesis, and renin, which helps control salt and water balance and blood pressure. They are also involved in regulating plasma calcium and glucose levels.

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