“We have been using Natural H2O Systems For all our water needs for the past 13 years. There is no Chlorine or Salt in our swimming pool and it’s so great to know that the tap water and drinking water are as toxin free as possible.”
… Sandra W. Clearwater FL

 “Jeff Judd is the most knowledgeable person we have ever known on the topic of water. We travel in environmental circles so that’s saying a lot. More importantly, he knows how to build the best filters to clean our water, so it is safe to drink and bathe in. Working with him was a pleasure. He goes above and beyond. It is a relief to find someone who is honest and reliable in the confusing world of water filtration. We give him our highest recommendation.”
… Leslie Maloney

 “At Behm Natural Dentistry water is of the utmost importance as it has direct contact with our patients. I have never met anyone with the knowledge base in water that NHS has. From toxin filtration, to cell hydration, they have answers!”
… Dr. Ray Behm