Natural H2O Systems LLC was formed in 2014 with the sole purpose of reducing or eliminating societies exposure to toxic water in their homes. We have over 60 years of combined water technologies experience and are continually perusing the art of water filtration. We have patents pending in the water industry and have developed proprietary systems for solving the problem.

Hi, I’m Jeff Judd – The founder of Natural H2O Systems LLC. I have been working in the water filtration industry since 1983 and for most of my career I have focused on the detoxification of residential tap water and the setup of non-chlorine spas and swimming pools. I started in the water business with a large water softener company in Arizona and soon realized that the technology was only for a cosmetic purpose, having little or nothing to do with healthy water.

I began aggressively studying the science of water and its impact on the body as I felt understanding H2O at the molecular level would make for a solid foundation. Knowing the human biology of aquaporins in our cells and how general water parameters affect toxins in water is a huge advantage when developing water filtration.

It’s an ongoing task to keep up with water science and to sort out the bad filter products from the good. Many people selling water filters are what I call – “Label & Vendor Educated” and don’t really know the science behind their products. For Instance: They might not know that a carbon filter rated at 2000 gallons for Chlorine will only treat 500 gallons or less of chloramines or 250 gallons for lead. It’s always the little details that cause problems.

As the toxins in water have increased so has the difficulty to track them down. Public water plants are constantly chasing operational parameters, especially if something changes at the EPA. Your water plant has two main concerns:

1.To help prevent pipe corrosion
2.To sanitize for disease causing bacteria and viruses.

When they say the water is safe to drink it’s the disease issue they are referring to. The environmental toxins left behind, and the sanitizer by-products are more of an afterthought and actually have an EPA Allowable Limit. The standard used for regulated contaminants is known as MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level).

The EPA determines the ‘Allowable Limit’ of toxins that may be in your water. Just hearing the words ‘Allowable Limits’ should be a huge red flag to anyone who cares about their health. We know that no TOXIN should be ALLOWABLE because they can accumulate in our body. So, what they are really saying is! Here is how much poison we think your body can tolerate without harming you immediately.

There are always general problems when dealing with contaminated water, but there are also unique problems with each water source. So we worked hard to find an accurate affordable solution to this. We have access to a nationwide database for water testing of toxic water contaminants from all federally regulated water plants. By using your Zip code, we can see the contaminant history of your municipal water supply. This gives us a detailed picture of what the major problems have been and the best way to target them. This is a very powerful tool!

We know that one size does not fit all! By collecting the information about your specific situation, a filter system may be configured to best target your exact toxins and contaminants in the long term. This process saves money in that you never invest in what you don’t need and you always know exactly how it works.

We look forward to serving you and will answer any water questions you may have.