When you have over 30 years experience in this category of water filtration, you tend to learn a few things. The reduction of the toxin profile of water is a science and an art, and it takes proper dedication to the science to produce the best product possible. Knowing the proper configuration and filter media blend is vital for consistent long-term removal of the broadest range of contaminates, not to mention the proper maintenance of the system.

Through years of research and development, water data collection and our long-term relationships with reputable suppliers, we have specific knowledge of the best media sources for the best possible TOXIN removal. This knowledge lead to the development of the famous TriCar filter bed.

There are 100s of carbon-based filter media having a wide array of uses, with specifications that target certain toxins best. With TriCar there are 3 unique carbon profiles and other proprietary components that make it so successful.

We are also able to make adjustments, as needed, based on source water parameters from your health department and EPA data. This is a much better approach than the “one size fits all” concept promoted on the internet. There are basic water parameters that affect all filter performance and it is the understanding of these parameters that allows for the best possible filter to be built for you and your family.